Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art imitating life

I've been wanting to share this photo for a long time. My husband, the dogs, and yes even the cat, and I took a trip up into the mountains last winter. Everyone enjoyed it--except the cat, who took his vengeance by running away as soon as we got home. (He came back, thank goodness, but I digress...)

Here's the weird thing. My husband took this shot of me, hanging out with our wild-at-heart German shepherds. Caleb was in full bark mode. We've never gotten a shot of him barking before. Woof.

Two days later, my lovely editor, Diana Gill, sent me the cover art for Afterlife. It was so gorgeous, I cried. Then I remembered the photo we had just taken. Now, I don't look anything like that stunning blonde--especially since I was wearing two pairs of pants, two sweaters and a thick coat (I'm blaming it all on the coat), but my dog definitely looks like he's posing for a cover shot. I think he has a secret desire to be a star.

Who knows. Maybe he'll get a part in my next book...


  1. awww! What is the other one's name? Love big dogs. When the kids move away I am going back to a big dog to fill my empty nest .

  2. Sharon,
    Hi! Yay, another dog lover!

    The wild, barking dog on the left is Caleb. The sweet quiet guy on the right is Joshua--our rescue dog. Josh is the dog I was thinking of when I was writing Afterlife.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are able to get a big dog later. They're awesome!