Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic Con Costumes

Comic Con is all about the costumes. I didn't always know what or who these disguised conference attendees were supposed to be, but I definitely knew which costumes I liked best.

Below is my favorite. Believe it or not, I saw this one while walking to the convention center on the first day.

Likewise, the group of costumes below all win the Best Costume Award in my book.

This black creature and his charming girlfriend posed for us while we were in line for the V and Vampire Diaries panels.

Here we see my favorite group of super heroes, in color this time.

This sweet little red-eyed vampiress attended my book signing.

And yes, there were monsters everywhere. Saw this menace while we were--guess where--yup, in line for V and Vampire Diaries.

Saw this group of super heroes while trolling the convention center floor.

This adorable creature walked by when we were in line--still waiting for V and Vampire Diaries. When asked what he was, he replied in a sweet, soft voice, "A demon."

And last but not least, these two little furry super heroes were on duty protecting the crowd. Who were these masked marvels? Chemical sniffing dogs.


  1. how fun it must have been to just watch the crowd! Thanks for the peek

  2. Sharon, It was! It was tempting to just stand there and watch the flow of people.

  3. Comix Book Gurl, Yes! I wish I could have gotten more, but there came a point when I realized I just wanted to enjoy the events. =)

  4. Hi Merrie! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could track you down for cyberstalking. ;)

    And I'm starting to wonder if we were both at the same Comic Con because I did not see any of these awesome costumes. Instead I saw Mr. Happytrails a billion times. Did you see him? Old fat dude in a tiny speedo, with his beard and chest hair shaped into an arrow pointing...well....I'm sure you can imagine where. I kinda wanted to gouge out my eyes. =D

    It was so nice to meet you! Look forward to getting to know you better via cyberstalking!