Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You CAN create a Keynote presentation with an iPad

This Saturday I'll be teaching a class on backstory at the OCCWF writer's conference. Of course, I'm still fine-tuning my speech and organizing all the points I'll be discussing. But one way cool thing that I recently discovered is that I should be able to do a Power Point presentation using my iPad.


Suffice to say, I'm just really in love with my iPad. I don't have another laptop, so this puppy has to do everything I need and more.

I just finished up my presentation using a program called Keynote. I downloaded it from iTunes and had to purchase two copies, one for my desktop computer ($20.) and one for my iPad ($10.) A total of $30 for a program isn't that bad. Apparently Power Point doesn't work on an iPad, or I might have used that instead.

I had two sessions at the local Apple store, both one-on-one, and they really gave me all the info I needed. Which, again, was cool.

Of course, the rest of the world runs on PCs, so I had to get a special, snazzy adapter that will connect my iPad to the projector where I'm going to be speaking. But the way I see it, once I conquer this Dragon, I will be one step closer to being Dungeon Mistress.

So, the final word on all of this is: Yes, Virginia, you can do a presentation using an iPad.


  1. that is cool. I *love my iPad too! I read on my kindle since it is the right size for that. How do you type on the iPad? It just has that poke and peck keyboard .

  2. Sharon, Hi! I don't usually type on my iPad. Not long documents anyway. But I did buy a bluetooth keyboard that I use with my iPad if I need to type something long. I actually created my presentation on my desktop (it's much easier that way) and I will be using my iPad to make the presentation. *crossing fingers* I plan to go to my husband's classroom today and give it a trial run!

  3. I don't have an ipad....*sobbing* I use my imac and I have a netbook to take with me on the go. BUT if anyone wants to make a donation to a girl in need I am all over that! lol

    Good luck Merrie and remember what I said. Lepers. All of them. lol

  4. Katie, LOL. I had a netbook but it just didn't work for me. =(

    And lepers, yes! I will try to remember. *hugs*