Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gorgeous covers: Heather Burch's Halfling series continues

When I first saw the cover for Heather Burch's debut novel, Halflings, I thought WOW. What a gorgeous cover and what an awesome concept.

Here's some info about the first book in the series:

Hunted by men and demons ...

Seventeen-year-old Nikki must entrust her life to three half human, half angel young men; the Halflings are sworn to protect her at all costs, but when two fall for Nikki, it puts more than their lives in danger; their very eternal souls hang in the balance.

Cool, right?

And here's the cover:

Now I must confess, when I first saw that Halfling cover I thought, no way are they going to be able to top that. But apparently I was wrong… Here are the covers for Book 2 and Book 3 in the series:

Book 2: Guardian, coming October 2012

Book 3: Avenger, coming April 2013

Can't wait for either of the sequels to Halflings? There's a free e-book coming out later this month, called A Halfling’s Rescue:

For more info on Heather’s books check out this site.


  1. Thanks Merrie! You rock! Fans can join halflings.ning.com for fun giveaways! Thanks so much for your kind words!

  2. Heather,
    Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for letting everyone know about Halflings.ning.com--it's an amazing site!

  3. I was sitting at home one day before book 1 released and I received an email from Zero-one of my characters in the book. He asked if I'd like to join the halflings network. Definitely a bizarre moment. As if authors don't have enough trouble keeping the lines clear between fiction and reality.
    True story. I swear.

  4. Heather,
    Whoa! I think I would pinch myself to see if I was really awake! Real life and fiction DO coincide. LOL.