Monday, January 24, 2011

The long day that wasn't

Have you ever spent all day working on something, only to finally realize that it really wasn't working? Not even a tiny bit? That was me and my imaginary newsletter today. I spent the entire day working on a layout and putting together a subscriber's list. Now, at the end of the day, after e-mailing myself a sample of said newsletter, I've come to the conclusion that I could have had this done as a blog post in about half an hour. As a newsletter, it took all day and still isn't quite right.

Me thinks my grand plans for communicating with the ever-expanding cyber universe via e-mail is not what I hoped.

But I can still blog, right? I mean, we always have Paris. (Weird, incongruent reference to an old movie there.)

Anyway, there are some cool things going on online right now that I haven't mentioned here, on my own blog. Because I forgot. Or maybe because I was working on my third novel. Or maybe because I was playing around with that blasted newsletter.

So, forgetting about those things that are behind me and are named N - - - - - - - - R, here are some cool happenings on the Net...

I wrote two other blog posts. On other blogs. And each one of them is giving away one of my books. I know. I can't believe I didn't mention it either.

Here they are:

Right now I have a VERY REVEALING post over at the Supernatural Underground. You can check that one out HERE.

And I wrote a blog-post-article thingie about Organic World Building over at Speculative Faith. What's organic world building, you ask? Good question. The answer to that can be found HERE.

So, I hope your day was MUCH more productive than mine. But if not, and you feel like sharing the details--from the moment the dog ran out the door without his leash to the moment that you remembered that you have NO hot water but you still need to take a shower--feel free to tell me ALL about it. That's what the comments section is for.

And right now, I'm going to do my best to step away from the newsletter. Before one of us gets hurt.


  1. My day was pretty much nonproductive except for the 45 minutes I spent on the exercise bike trying to get rid of my writer's butt. LOL Of course then my 16 year old stressed me out later in the day and I made peanut butter cookies. No blog posts either. Tomorrow is another day:)

  2. Brenda, Whoa! By my standards, your day was VERY productive! I'm sorry about the stress though. :( But peanut butter cookies were an excellent solution, in my book.

    COOKIES!! I love cookies.

    Thanks for posting, sweetie! It's always great to hear from you.