Friday, May 27, 2011

Winners Announced in The Virtual Feast Dessert-To-Die-For Contest

Awhile back I hosted a contest in celebration of my second novel, FEAST, and its official Coming Out Party (June 28, 2011 to be exact—Notice the way cool countdown widget to the right).

Today I'm announcing the 5 winners in The Virtual Feast Dessert-To-Die-For Contest.

Let's take a look at those fab prizes again...

One Grand Prize Winner will receive the following: A FEAST tote bag, a signed copy of FEAST and a signed copy of AFTERLIFE, plus a one-pound box of yummy See’s candy.

Four Runner Up Winners will each receive the following: A signed copy of FEAST, plus 5 FEAST/AFTERLIFE bookmarks.

Here are the winners.

Grand Prize Winner (who will receive a tote bag, signed copy of FEAST, and a one-pound box of See's candy):

Renee (SteelerGirl83)

And the four Runner Up Winners are:


Van Pham



Congrats to all of you and I will be contacting you shortly for your mailing addresses. Please note that none of the prizes will be mailed until I get my author copies of Feast. So the prizes may not get in the mail until the end of June. Thank you to everyone who participated!!


  1. yay congrats to everyone and SHARON!!!!! Woot!!!!!

  2. *my copy of Feast! yeah! Thanks Merrie.

  3. AWESOME!!!!! I am SO excited -- a book, a tote, AND chocolate?! Hello! I'm going to be living the good life! I'll have a lot to look for at the end of June, my vacation to OBX, Feast and chocolate! Thank you so much Merrie for making my summer! Maybe I'll get everything before I go to the beach b/c that tote would make an awesome beach bag. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  4. Thanks Merrie!

    Do we email you with our snail mail?

  5. Hi, everyone!
    Yes, if you could send your snail mail address to me that would be fab:

    My e-mail:
    merrie [dot] destefano [at] yahoo [dot] com

    *snicker* I almost wrote dog instead of dot. Must have the dogs on my mind today.

    Congrats to all the winners!!

  6. WOO-HOO
    Thanks so much Merrie

    will email you shortly