Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Afterlife ARCs are here!

I just got my advance reader copies of Afterlife in the mail. It's so exciting to see it in print--this project that took years to come to fruition. I can't believe that I'm actually an author. I keep waiting to wake up and discover that I'm still just a magazine editor, worrying about budgets and deadlines and that dreaded editor's letter. I digress. Back to reality, which for once is better than the dream.

I'm going to be giving away some copies of Afterlife on this blog and on the other site where I post once a month: The Supernatural Underground. My first blog post over at SU is scheduled for this Friday, so that's when my book give-aways will begin.

So be sure to stop by The Supernatural Underground this Friday, June 19!

Squeeee! [The cry of a newbie author]

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