Thursday, June 17, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to Comic Con

Last year about this time, I was scrounging for Comic Con tickets. I wanted to go so bad I could taste it. I’m not sure what I thought would happen when I got there. Maybe I’d see some cool costumes, listen to some awesome panels, find out what new TV shows and movies were going to come out. Maybe I’d meet an editor and impress him/her that my book would be perfect for his/her publishing house. Maybe I’d sign a contract, right there.

Okay, I know publishing doesn’t really work like that, but a girl can dream, right?

It wasn’t long after Comic Con, however, that my agent, Kimberley Cameron, landed me an awesome two-book contract with Diana Gill of Eos/HarperCollins. Now here I am, a year later, with a stack of advance review copies of my debut novel—all sparkly and shiny and each of them looking for a home. Almost like a litter of puppies.


On top of that, my Comic Con fever never went away, which is a good thing. Because I just found out that I’ll be speaking on a panel this year—me, speaking. And then, people, probably listening. Big difference in a year. Big very cool difference.

So what I want to know is, if you were going to Comic Con, what costume would you wear?

To sweeten the pot and to get a few brave souls—okay, I know you’re out there, I can hear you typing on your keyboard when you’re supposed to be reading this—to post a comment, I’m going to be giving away one of my puppies…I mean, one of my advance copies of Afterlife: The Resurrection Chronicles.

I’m even going to give you ways to earn extra chances at winning.

+1 point for commenting in this post
+1 point for linking to this post on Twitter
+1 point for linking to this post on Facebook
+1 point for blogging about this post and linking to it
+2 points for following this blog

Remember to tally up your points and tell me what you did in the body of your comment. Contest to win an advance copy of Afterlife closes at midnight on Sunday, June 20th.

If you’re going to Comic Con, stop by and say hi! Really. I’m pretty friendly almost all the time.

And here’s some info I grabbed off the Eos Books blog about the panel I’ll be on:

BITE ME: Evolving Urban Fantasy Beyond the Vampire Phenomenon

Panelists: Richard Kadrey, Brom, Marjorie M. Liu, Jocelynn Drake, Merrie Destefano [that’s me, just in case you accidentally fell asleep somewhere between the top of this blog and here], Tanya Huff, and Lauren Kate

Tired of Twilight? Want something beyond the Vampire Diaries? Never fear! Some of the hottest authors working explore what's happening in urban fantasy and the paranormal beyond the pale bloodsuckers we know and love.

Friday, 7/24, 3:00-4:00 p.m. PST, Room 8

Okay, that last guy was scary. He deserves a post all to himself.


  1. +1 (commenting) Futurama's Leela. Simple but awesome costume :-)

  2. *stares at cover for another 5 minutes*

    What costume would I want to wear? Well, as dorky as it sounds, I've always wanted to dress up like Harley or Poison Ivy for Halloween. If I could pull off that, I'd definitely dress like one of them hehe

    +1 Tweeted!

    +2 blog follower: I WISH that you had mentioned the lack of blog love earlier! If I had known about this blog, I would have followed it a while ago!

    Total: 4


  3. If going to Comic Con (I really really want to go but can't this year.) I would wear my Katara (from Avatar the Last Airbender) costume I made for Fanime or maybe the one from the new movie, or make one of Kahlan's outfits from Legend of the Seeker because I can actually draft patterns and sew =^.^=

    Total: 5 points =^.^=

  4. I'd keep it simple but sexy always. Maybe a corset over something w/high..come get me heels. I have the image of vampire Pam from True Blood in my head. No comic character costumes jump right out at me...maybe Eon Flux.
    +1 comment, +1 link to twitter, +2 follow blog.

  5. Tez,
    I am going to have to go research that costume. Simple but awesome is exactly my style. =) Thanks for posting!

  6. Tori,
    Oooh. Poison Ivy would be way cool, Harley too. Thanks for posting!

  7. KatGirl Studio,
    Wish you were going to Comic Con. :(
    Katara from The Last Airbender--I'm looking forward to seeing that movie! Both of those costumes sound awesome. Did you wear them to another event and do you have photos? I'd love to see them. =)

  8. Tanya1224,
    When I was younger (and thinner!), that sounds like a costume that I would have loved to wear! Great post!

  9. Hmm...never really gave it that much thought before since I've never been able to attend Comic Con. I would have to develop the right costume and it would likely be something I would never personally wear, but I might go as Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison's Hallow series. Or to be even geekier, book geekier that is, I could probably pass as a better Yelena from Maria V. Snyder's Study series.

    I can't think of any comic book heroine I would want to go as either. A lot of those outfits are sooo not me at all. They are the complete opposite of how I normally dress. I could always even go as a less chic Buffy, who is much shorter and has brown hair instead of the blond or red hair she had going during her time.

    But mostly I would debate about being Rachel or Yelena, more likely Yelena because even Rachel's outfits were a little too much for me. I'm a conservative kind of gal.

    The new book sounds fabulous! Would love to have an ARC. Big reader that am I, since I was a little kid!, I've never had the chance to win an ARC!

  10. Easy! I'd go as Trinity from The Matrix. Leatherclad, flying through windows Trinity, not mush-serving, war-torn Ebekenezer Trinity. Second choice: Laura Croft of Tomb Raider (I have the hair). OR, the brunette version of the cover of Afterlife (bring dog for prop).

    I need to read the book, STAT!

  11. I agree, either would be really fun! Only problem: I'd need to get my body toned up for those skin tight costumes. Don't you just love how all the super heroines are ALWAYS in skin tight ensembles? Even some of the villains. Bleh!

  12. I'm not sure what I'd wear. As a boy, there aren't many costume ideas that don't involve tights. I'd go as Giles from Buffy. That would be sufficiently dorky and save everyone from seeing my chicken legs in spandex :D

    I just posted this to twitter and facebook, and followed your blog, so +5 :D

  13. I would be Alice from Resident Evil! I plan on getting her red dress made for Halloween. And thanks for letting me know about a chance to win your book! Since I missed the one at the underground:)
    I get 4 points! (follow blog, post to FB, commented here)

  14. Jessica,
    Your costume ideas sound great! I loved your choices: Rachel or Yelena or a Buffy with brown hair. Awesome!

  15. Leialoha,
    You would make the best Trinity ever! And you would also look fab as the girl on the Afterlife cover, especially with your long dark hair. Go for it!

  16. Tori,
    Hi! Yeah, what is it with those skin-tight costumes? Although the scariest costume (to me) would be Mystique (from the X-Men). Paint and little tiny pieces of latex. Ouch.

  17. John K,
    Giles from Buffy would be awesome! Thanks for posting on Twitter and Facebook and for following my blog!

  18. Sharon,
    Alice from Resident Evil--that's a hot costume! I love how the red fabric is cut. Sorry you missed the Underground blog, but you were having fun. And we all need to have fun, right? Thanks for posting!

  19. Yep, almost all the X-men chicks are in skintight costumes also. I agree though... Mystique's costume would be CRAAAAAZY. But if you pulled it off? I think it'd look absolutely amazing.

    That is to say, if we're going by the movie, and not the cartoon ;)

  20. Could I go as a modern day Wonder Woman? Jeans, a tee and those magic bracelets!! *bam*

  21. Tori,
    LOL. Mystique's costume is crazy, all right. =)

  22. Cheri,
    Wow. Wonder Woman is my hero! That costume would be radical cool. Thanks for stopping by!

  23. I'm just going to make it in time. :P
    I know it's a guy, but I would probably go dressed as Fai from the manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, because he's cool and he has an awesome coat. I'm very jealous of it. :P