Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Covers I Love

I love good artwork and I especially love good cover art.

So, I put together a collection of covers that recently caught my attention. These are covers that make me want to know more about the story, they raise my expectations and they seem to whisper that—if I would only take a few minutes, just read a few paragraphs—I would most certainly be hooked.

And I love to be hooked by good book.

What covers stand out to you and what do you look for when shopping for a book?

While making this collage, I realized, though was not surprised, that I choose books with similar color palettes. It doesn't surprise me for two reasons.

One: I know my favorite colors are in the turquoise/blue/green range.

Two: I know that turquoise is the color that appeals to women most. And I am a woman. Ahem. The red and the orange are across the color wheel from turquoise, so it's almost as if I ran to those covers as an antidote, for a splash of fire to quench my over-watered thirst.

I am definitely in the mood for a good book right now. I'd love to check out Rough Honey or The Madman's Daughter. Which of these books appeals to you?


  1. I didn't know turquoise appealed to women more than other colors! Guess that is why SELECTION catches my eye the most. I love contrasting colors and yellow/orange/red are my favorites

  2. I'm drawn to the lighthouse cover in the middle of the bottom row. Must investigate further.