Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Five Stages of Writing a Book

Below are the Five Stages I go through when I write a book:

1. I really want to reach 50 pages. Really. Really. Really.

2. It's never a REAL book until I reach 100 pages.

3. What was I thinking?? I'll NEVER get 200 pages done. Who invented the middle of a book? They should be flogged and driven out of Dodge.

4. I have to write the END now? But what's supposed to happen? Didn't I write notes about this, I had to have written some notes...where did I put those notes...wait, didn't I write the ending already? I KNOW I wrote the ending, but what file did I put it in?

5. It's over. It's OVER??? *sobbing, flailing, laughing, then more crying*

NOTE: I am currently in Stage Number Three: What. Was. I. Thinking.

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