Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Doing NaNoWriMo Light

Me: I’m doing NaNo Light.

Imaginary Friend: What’s that?

Me: I’m drafting off all the real NaNoWriMos, following in the slipstream of the writers who are in front of me.

Imaginary Friend: ???

Me: I’m trying to write many pages per day. Many. Pages. Per. Day.

Imaginary Friend: Do you have an actual goal?

Me: Um.

Imaginary Friend: Isn’t that part of NaNoWriMo? Write 50,000 words in one month?

Me: Well, yeah. But I just want to write many pages in one month.

Imaginary Friend: Slacker.

Me: Am not.

Imaginary Friend: Are too.

Me: You’ll see. I’ll get a lot written. I will.

Imaginary Friend: Snort.

Me: Hey, are my Imaginary Friend or my Inner Editor?

Imaginary Friend: Sorry. Yay for you!! *imaginary hands clapping*

Me: Now we’re talking.

Imaginary Friend: So, how many pages do you have written?

Me: Today, right now, 120.

Imaginary Friend: How many pages do you want to finish by the end of the month? *returning to the original topic of goals and not tricking me one bit*

Me: I’d love, love, love it if I could get 200 pages done by the end of November.

Imaginary Friend: Go for it. Seriously. Write. More. Now.

Me: I will. Thanks! *typing furiously, allowing my characters to tell me where the story is going, wishing someone would bring me a brownie so I would have lots more energy and ideas cuz I seriously need ideas when I'm writing this fast*


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHHA I'm doing my version of NaNo Light too. We shall see how it goes. I will be pleased if I can manage to feed my family, keep up my freelance stuff AND have a fairly decent word count. I think you're right-- it will take chocolate. A lot of chocolate. LOL

  2. Brenda, Hi! I totally understand the need for balance, although we writers seem to make the universe tilt sideways. And, hey, chocolate is the fuel for a good novel! I hope you write many words!

  3. LOL!! So much chocolate ... you'll both be running for the potty then how will you get your pages done? Seriously, I'm cheering for both of you and hope you reach your goals. I thought about doing NaNo this year figuring it would be the best way to get my current WIP finished but I still couldn't fit it into my time budget. I guess until I actually get published, the guilt of writing instead of cleaning or running errands is always going to keep me from the keys. Good luck, y'all and I'll be waiting for a progress report. : )

  4. Amy,
    Hi! I think chocolate is the key word today! *grin* Thanks so much for the support--I really appreciate it. I hope you're able to get some writing done and can finish your WIP soon. I'll be cheering for you!