Monday, June 27, 2011

6 Things That Make Me Toss Aside A Book In Frustration

I must confess, if a book doesn’t hold my interest, I stop reading. I’m limited in how much time I have to read, so I try to read only the best books. Some things that will make me stop reading are:

1. If I can’t connect with the main character

2. Sloppy storytelling/poor writing

3. Plot threads that don’t lead anywhere

4. Meandering plot

5. Implausibility

6. And this one will cause me to not buy the author’s next book: an ending that wasn’t as phenomenal as the beginning.

How about you? Do you stop reading a book if it doesn't meet your expectations? Do you agree with my list or do you have another list that you'd like to share?


  1. I'm pretty forgiving-- I guess because I read for entertainment but in the back of my mind I'm learning what to do and not to do. I stopped a book last week-- romance that was written well, dialog was great but there was a gal with multiple college degrees who was getting ready to shack up with THREE rodeo guys who were into sharing. I just can't go there and deleted it. The same goes for a book that starts with a lot of sex and no plot--there may be plot later but the author has lost me by then.

  2. My list is pretty similar. I'll follow a meandering plot pretty far, but if I can't connect with the main character, I just can't make myself read on.

  3. Brenda, I completely agree with why you put that book down. If a character suddenly acts "out of character" then I will lose interest too. I will forgive a lot of errors if the story is compelling. But there is definitely a point in time when a book can have too many strikes against it. All of this makes me really appreciate the books that can hold me all the way to the last page.

  4. Carol, Character is so important! I think that's one reason why I like first person POV so much. It really helps me to identify quickly with the main character and it also helps me to know if I like the character or not. I read a book recently where I kept hoping the main character would redeem herself--she had so many unlikable qualities. I held on and read to the last page, then got so mad because she never did grow or change. She was just as mean-spirited and selfish on page one as on the last page. I will NOT be buying another one of that author's books.

  5. Your list about sums it up for me.
    I also will have to add: present tense in most cases.
    I have come across only a handfull of authors who can write in present tense without me constantly being aware of the fact it's present tense. It really draws me out of the story.